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 Welcome to week 9 of the DIY Challenge

How did your bird feeder turn out?

Your projects are worth shouting about! Show off your bird feeder by uploading a photo to our gallery.

Hopefully, you've seen progression from the first planter project to this bird feeder and by sharing your photo with everyone on the challenge, you feel proud about what you've achieved. 

Be proud of what you've created and share it with us all!

DIY Challenge Photo Upload


If you need a hand submitting your photos, you can also send them by email or via WhatsApp using our number +447446721036.

We’ll showcase your masterpieces on the DIY Challenge gallery where you can see other people’s creations too.

The more you practice your DIY skills the faster you'll get and the more elaborate projects you'll unlock. We compiled Dave's best tips and tricks from his show New Home DIY but shows like Garden Rescue also include loads of tutorials for making things like a gelatine bird feeder

You can browse all our inspiring programmes to develop those new found skills on our streaming service.

We'll give you one week to send us your photos before our final check in and your very own certificate!

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