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Welcome to Week 8 of the DIY Challenge

How's your week been? What else have you been working on?

Dave Wellman is back with the final tutorial in the DIY Challenge, he's here to show you how to make the showstopper bird feeder from a recycled bottle.

We hope you've got all your materials at hand, remember substitutes will make it even more personal and you can always ask around for anything you might be short of.

  • Materials list:
  •   1 scrap piece of wood 15 cm (wide) x 2 cm (thick) @ 35 cm (long)
  •   3 timber 15 cm (wide) x 2 cm (thick) @ 15 cm (long) (two with 3 cm diameter holes in the centre)
  •   3 6mm plywood pieces approximately 15 cm (wide) x 3.5 cm (thick)
  •   Empty glass bottle or similar
  •   6 screws
  • Tools
  •   Circular saw or hand saw
  •   Tape measure
  •  A pencil (and sharpener!)
  •   Drill & a flat bit (for making holes)
  •   Screw driver
  •   Sandpaper

A little more UK Men's Sheds

Dave talks to Mike Jenn in the bird feeder turotial video, one of the founders of Camden Town's Men Shed, about the moving impact the shed has had on some of the shedders that come.

The sheds are safe places for people to practice and talk, and like Mike mentions can have life changing affects on people. Despite their name, sheds are also open for all genders, basically anyone who want to upskill and meet likeminded folk. If you haven't already, do find out where you closest one is below:

Got questions?

Dave Wellman and ourselves are always just a message away if you want some advice, tips or assistance, but your fellow challengers may have even better tips in our Facebook group. Just ask away and see if someone can help! 

Ask on Facebook

We’re really looking forward to seeing those bird feeders next week. Good luck making them!

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