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We're a third into the DIY Challenge and starting on our final project, this stunning bird feeder that makes use of a recycled bottle!

You can find all the materials you'll need below. We'll give you a week to gather all your supplies and then we’ll send you Dave Wellman’s final tutorial for building a bird feeder.

Materials list:

  1 scrap piece of wood 15 cm (wide) x 2 cm (thick) @ 35 cm (long)
  3 timber 15 cm (wide) x 2 cm (thick) @ 15 cm (long) (two with 3 cm diameter holes in the centre)
  3 6mm plywood pieces approximately 15 cm (wide) x 3.5 cm (thick)
  Empty glass bottle or similar
  6 screws


  Circular saw or hand saw
  Tape measure
 A pencil (and sharpener!)
  Drill & a flat bit (for making holes)
  Screw driver

You can download the list to your phone/computer to print or take a screenshot. We’d recommend sticking it to your fridge or near your recycling bin to remind yourself to save any jars that could be useful.

Download List

Finding the right bits

As always, feel free to substitute the materials you struggle to find. Instead of a glass bottle, you can use a plastic bottle! If you're low on wood supply, ask a neighbour, scout your local area for anybody discarding pallets or ask at your local shed.

That goes for finding the right tools too! Neighbours, friends, family might have a flat bit they can lend you or try seeing when your closest Men’s Shed is open below.

What will you do with your bird feeder?

It's always good to think ahead of what to do with your creations. Will you keep your bird feeder for a special spot in your garden or on a window sill? Or do you know someone who lives in an area with stunning wildlife that would appreciate seeing the birds coming and going?

Like all the projects you've made, this bird feeder can be a great gift for someone. After you build the bird feeder, you have time to embellish it how you want. Dave enjoyed a rustic look so he left his bear, but you can paint it, attach some colourful ribbon, carve some birds onto it, etc. Plan ahead and remember to add any decorating supplies you need to your list.

Good luck gathering all your materials!

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