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Welcome to Week 5 of the DIY Challenge

Get your screwdrivers poised because it’s time to make the second project in the DIY Challenge!

Here’s Dave to show you how to make a terrific trug, perfect for holding veg.

Materials list:

  •  2 scrap wood pieces 12cm (wide) x 2cm (thick) x 50cm (long) - for the sides
  •  2 scrap wood pieces 5cm (wide) x 2cm (thick) x 30cm (long)- for the handle
  •  11 wooden slats (like bed slats) 5cm (wide) x 1.5 cm (thick) x 30cm (long)
  •  26 Screws
  •  1 broom handle/similar pole @ 30cm
  • For tools, you'll need:
  •  Sand paper
  •  Jigsaw or a circular drill bit
  •  An electric drill
  •  A pencil
  • It's always handy to have:
  •  Goggles
  •  Tape measure
  • Method:
  • 1. Cut the wood to size
  • 2. Make the holes in the wood pieces for the handle
  • 3. Screw the slats onto your bigger pieces of wood (for the sides)
  • 4. Screw the wood for the handle to the base 
  • 5. Slide the pole through the holes and secure with a screw
  • 6. Customise!

Looking for the right tool?

Part of the DIY Challenge requires sourcing the right tools to build each project. Ask if a neighbour, friend or family member could lend you a drill head to make the right sizes holes for your trug’s handle.Your local shed will also be fully equipped with everything you need.

Find your closest shed below:

Got questions?

Dave Wellman and ourselves are always just a message away if you want some advice, tips or assistance, but your fellow challengers may have even better tips in our Facebook group. Just ask away and see if someone can help! 

Ask on Facebook

We’re really looking forward to seeing those trugs next week. Good luck making them!

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