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Welcome to Week 4 of the DIY Challenge

Time to get started on the second project of the DIY Challenge, a vegetable trug! A trug is a shallow basket perfect for gathering home grown produce. The perfect gift for anyone with an allotment or just someone who potters in the garden. The one you will make will use recycled wood and screws, it’s super simple and yet a stand out piece!

What you'll need to make your own veg trug

  • Materials list:
  •  2 scrap wood pieces 12cm (wide) x 2cm (thick) x 50cm (long) - for the sides
  •  2 scrap wood pieces 5cm (wide) x 2cm (thick) x 30cm (long)- for the handle
  •  11 wooden slats (like bed slats) 5cm (wide) x 1.5 cm (thick) x 30cm (long)
  •  26 Screws
  •  1 broom handle/similar pole @ 30cm
  • For tools, you'll need:
  •  Sand paper
  •  Jigsaw or a circular drill bit
  •  An electric drill
  •  A pencil
  • It's always handy to have:
  •  Goggles
  •  Tape measure


You can always download the list to print, screenshot or write up and stick on your fridge!

Download List

Finding the right tools

If you need help finding your materials, ask at your local shed:

Or, ask in our Facebook Group! There are lots of other challengers there who swap tips and someone might be able to help you hunt down some missing materials or tools.

Ask on Facebook

Good luck gathering all your materials!

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