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The final wellbeing checkin of the DIY Challenge

Congratulations for getting to the end of the DIY Challenge!

It's time to do one last wellbeing check in  to see how far you've come and to claim your very own certificate.


Tell us something about you. 

You've come to the end of Together TV's DIY Challenge 

Please complete this Wellbeing Check-in to measure how far you've come and get your certificate. 

 It should take two minutes in total. Ready?

Page 2 of 4 we go!

Below are some statements about feelings and thoughts. Please select the answer option that best describes your experience of each statement over the last 11 weeks. 
  None of the time Rarely Some of the time Often All the time

Page 3 of 4 ...We're nearly there!

Page 4 of got this! Well done.

All done! Thank you very much. 
Please enter your first name, last name and email address below to get your certificate:

Thanks for completing your Wellbeing Check-in! It will help us build our journey together. 



Have you seen everyone's take of each challenge? The DIY Challenge gallery is updated with all the photos you send to us. If you're yet to share a photo with us, you still can! Each project has it's very own prize draw too, so show off your skills! You've done an amazing job and everyone wants to congratulate you too. Share it using the button below.

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The journey doesn't end here! There are shed's all across the UK waiting for new members like you to meet and share skills with. Your closest one can be found below:

Whatever you make next, we always want to see. Keep us posted on your projects via email or share with other challengers in the Together TV Facebook group.

See you on another challenge soon!

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