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Are you a young, passionate filmmaker with a story to tell? Together TV, the UK's beloved broadcaster dedicated to community-driven content, invites you to be part of "Better Together," a groundbreaking initiative that celebrates the power of community and amplifies the voices of young filmmakers across the UK

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We want you to join us in redefining the narrative of community through your lens. It's not just about making films; it's about making a difference. Send us your short films for a chance to be broadcast on national television and kickstart your career in film and tv.

Submission Guidelines:

  • 1. Eligibility: Are you a film enthusiast studying at a university or an enthusiastic member of a community group? This call is for you! No matter your background, we want your unique perspective.
  • 2. Theme: Your film should explore the theme of "Community" in your own distinctive way. Dive into personal narratives, shed light on local initiatives, or celebrate the unbreakable bonds within your community. Be the storyteller you were born to be.
  • 3. Duration: Keep it snappy! Films should run between 2 to 3 minutes, perfect for captivating your audience on social media platforms and, of course, Together TV.
  • 4. Technical Standards: Your final film should be delivered in QuickTime HD PAL, 16:9, 25fps. The Image size should be 1920 x 1080 and must adhere to our broadcast technical standards suitable for airing on Together TV in the UK. We want your creativity to shine in high definition.
  • 5. Music: You can choose to use music or not – however any music must be licenced properly from the music labels or collection societies. A better, cheaper route could be to go for original music, creative commons music or paid royalty-free music which can elevate your film without the licencing worries.
  • 6. Submissions: We're on the lookout for community stars. Your chance to shine on national television is just a submission away. Fill in the form on this site to share your masterpiece with us.

What you'll get 

We are offering you a chance to let your voice be heard. Selected filmmakers will bask in the limelight on national TV, sharing their vision of community with a vast and captivated audience. Plus, you'll be part of a movement that sparks discussions and fosters connections that go beyond the screen.


  • Call for Entries: The stage is set; we're open for screener submissions now!
  • Submission Deadline: We're ready to be amazed until Tuesday 31st October 2023 at 11:59pm.
  • Film Selection: Our team of experienced post-producers and tv experts will select the cream of the crop. You will be notified and we will request the broadcast ready version of your film. This selection will be aired from January to March 2024.
  • Broadcasting on Together TV: Keep your eyes peeled; a new film takes the spotlight every week starting January 2024.

Ready to make your mark as a filmmaker? Submit your film with the form below, and follow the submission instructions. Together, let's celebrate the beauty of community across the UK! 

The submission form is now closed


What are the technical broadcast standards?

Please note, at this stage, we only require a screener.

However, for final broadcast we will need the film to adhere to our technical requirements.

In summary your film should be delivered in QuickTime HD PAL, 16:9, 25fps. The Image size should be 1920 x 1080.

 Our full technical requirements can be read here.

What orientation does the film need to be in?

As your short film will hopefully make it to TV, we require it to be in a landscape 16:9 ratio.

What copyright considerations do I need to make for music?

It's important to make sure you have secured any required licences and permissions of the collecting body, agency or person who owns any third party rights for distribution on Together TV.

Third-party rights include commercial or library music, photos, film clips, literary extracts or artworks.

You can request rights from the artist or play it safe and use 'royalty free' music or self composed music for your film. You can read more about copyright on the Performing Rights Society website.

Where can I submit my film?

Please upload your film to Vimeo, Youtube or another video hosting service.

We will not accept WeTransfer links or downloadable files.

Will I be paid for my film?

Better Together is a free opportunity to get your film broadcast on TV. We are unable to offer monetary rewards, but we can help make your grandma proud.

I have another question!

Please send any questions you might have to [email protected] and one of our team will get back to you ASAP. Please do not send submissions via email they will not be considered.

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