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7 Top Tips to feel better

Mental Health Awareness Special

In the occasion of Mental Awareness Week 2019, we put together some ideas for you to be involved in your community and feel good, perhaps by trying something you have never done before...with people you love, or even finding new friends! 

Here the list of the best tips to feel Better Together. Be inspired and let us know which tip is more helpful for you!


1. Get moving 

You don’t need to run a marathon to feel better. Try a short walk or join a fun class. Learning from a new creative experience can be fun and a brilliant way to reboot your energy.

Take the Feel Good Test and join Get Creative Festival >>



2. Be kind to yourself

If you’re doing more than what you would normally would, it is a step in the right direction. Keep a diary or tell a friend about your achievements.

Our friends at BBC have launched a season on Mental Health. Have a look here>>






3. Everyday things count

Gardening, vacuuming, mopping those pesky chores are good for your mental health too. And there are so many great opportunities. A brilliant, unexpected example? 

Love Weeds with Grow Wild >>



4. Try something new

Engaging in a new activity, especially involving physical tasks, often helps you concentrate on something else than unwanted thoughts and worries. Volunteering fosters community building, social connections, and improves self-confidence. 

Stay Active, Stay Together with Neighbourly>>



5. Eat regularly

Eat a rainbow of fruit and veggies…and cut down on caffeine!

Be inspired by all the Food TV shows we have on this month too. 

Do Good with Food with FoodCycle >>



6. Talk more

Why don't we talk anymore? Watch the new short film to help end loneliness and find out tips to get the conversation started.

 Learn more with Campaign to End Loneliness >>





7. Celebrate achievements

Give yourself a reward to do well!



Do you need help?

Visit Mind's web pages for more information and support >>

Do you feel Inspired?

Find out what else you can get into to Do More Together >>

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