Get Creative, Get Inspired!

The Get Creative Festival aims to inspire people to get out and try something new. Whether that's trying a new activity at home or going to a local event, Get Creative encourages people to share their creativity in any and all forms!

Save the date: from Saturday the 11th to Sunday the 19th of May 2019, hundreds of organisations and community groups will be putting on events to help you get creative and they are usually FREE or have just small fees to cover costs. 


Get creative is a campaign run by multiple cultural organisations that celebrate and encourage everyday creativity in UK homes and communities. Whatever form of art you're interested in, Get Creative caters for every age, background and ability. 


How to get involved with Get Creative

With over 1,400 events across the UK in 2018, they are looking forward to growing numbers this year around and welcome everyone to join in and get creative. 

So click the link below and Get Creative! 


"...By shining a light on creative activities that are often ignored or taken for granted, Get Creative has demonstrated the positive difference these activies make to people and places all over the UK. This year's Get Creative Festival promises to be an incredible moment in this growing national recognition of the importance of taking part in creative cultural activity - make sure you are part of it" - Robin Simpson, Chief Executive, Voluntary Arts. 

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