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Welcome to the 2020 Elections of the Together TV / Community Channel Board.

Only Members (Shareholders) of the channel are entitled to access this page.

Candidates profiles below in alphabetical order by surname and full detailed applications available for download here>>

Read the application of:

- Amooti Binaisa

- Rosie Hayes

- Sammy Simmans

- Paul Sternberg

- Peter Stewart

Applicants need to demonstrate the particular skills and experience they will bring to the board, and we are seeking applicants with professional expertise in finance, business strategy or law, ideally working in media production, broadcast and/or digital media.

Amooti Binaisa

"My career has involved supporting Directors & stakeholders, leading teams, handling business development and strategy and marketing communications. I have been the custodian of budgets ranging from £10,000 to £100 million and have achieved a track record of effective service delivery. I believe I am an effective team member, especially having worked as a consultant when I am parachuted into existing teams so I aim to fully utilise the range of my skills and experience. When McKinsey chose to put me forward as COO of a $100m University project, it was because I was the only candidate with a clear workable strategy in a difficult environment.  My personal background is that my own life was saved by the Red Cross when my family (parents and 6 children) had to escape from Uganda during the time of Idi Amin and later when my father was overthrown and arrested, it was Amnesty International that supported our efforts to get him released alive,  so from personal experience I  have appreciated the importance of charities for a long time. Together TV’s focus on bringing out the best in people to get involved in their communities, in this Me Too, Covid & George Floyd era, I believe that nothing could be more important than helping the channel grow, thrive and reach more people."

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Rosie Hayes

"My career has been in television news. Over 30 years I developed skills to gather, produce and create content for news programmes broadcast to the nation. They were for either short news pieces, political programming or live broadcasts. Developed extensive experience in gathering news, writing and producing for news shows with ITN, SkyNews, BBCBreakfast, BBC24Hour News, BBCTV World News. While in the industry I was encouraged to evaluate and generate story ideas and video content. Also how to compile and produce news programmes. Key points in my career were Cuba and Moscow. In Cuba I was BBC stringer. There were restrictions and proud moments. One of them was when I interviewed Fidel Castro himself. In Moscow I was part of a small British team to help the Russians launch an English speaking Satellite Channel RT (Russia Today). They wanted to reach a level to compete with CNN.The progress made by the Community Channel has been enormous. My extensive background in broadcasting would take it to another level."

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Sammy Simmans 

"I have proven ability to organise, handle and create media projects from concept to premier, whilst being impartial with my decisions based on the team's input. My previous employment as Health and Safety representative involved both listening and addressing employee concerns directly to both higher company management and building facility owners. I am currently an active voluntary member of the filmmaking charity 'Make a Difference Entertainment' (MADE TV) and their LGBTQIA+ affiliate 'Rainbow Films' since 2017, creating broadcast documentaries and web series. Prior to this, I worked with a children's charity 'Operation Happy Child' for 19 years. With these decisive skills and experiences, I hope I can bring a something new to the board."

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Paul Sternberg

"I have designed and developed social action movements throughout my career. At the heart of these have been human wellbeing and the centrality of pro-social engagement, community organising, emotional, psychological and social empowerment. As a key member of the team setting up Action for Happiness, I oversaw ways in which this approach can translate into the heartlands of education and business and public policy, building a mass movement of over 200,000 members from across 180 countries. As the founding Chairman of the youth justice charity, Key4Life, I have overseen a strategy of building powerful coalitions from across the media, community organisations and government to address preventative issues around youth offending. My background in broadcasting (Channel 4), non-governmental bodies (National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts) and academia (Ravensbourne University London) has given me deep insights into partnership development, content creation and digital platform design which I would love to bring to Together TV."

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Peter Stewart

"Highly motivated and experienced Executive Director with over 35 years in marketing, behaviour change campaigns and business development across a wide range of sectors including both charity and corporate. Board member of the award winning educational charity and social enterprise the Eden Project, with a net turnover in excess of £20m pa. Instigated, led and managed the campaigns, marketing, charity and community initiatives that underpin the project alongside key stakeholder relationships at the highest level. This has included the development of the highly renowned Big Lunch, which since its inception in 2009 is Eden’s biggest outreach programme, acclaimed for building social capital on a mass scale and reaching millions of people each year. Through this campaign the honour of becoming a Member of the Royal Victorian Order was awarded in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Honours List in 2012."

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