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In late February 2022, Russian military began to invade and bomb Ukraine.

The attacks escalated quickly and whilst world leaders discuss strategic plans, Ukrainian men, women and children are fleeing, fighting and hiding. We share your concern and angst for the Ukrainian people and have worked with partners to gather organisations and charities you can support to help those in need:

1) Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH): This Polish NGO has been providing humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian refugees fleeing to Poland since the outbreak of war. In the past year they have been able to offer monthly food supplies, psychological help and financial support to almost 300,000 people thanks to the generosity of donors. 

2) British Red Cross: The British Red Cross have been working tirelessly for the last 12 month to provide emergency support including food, water and medical supplies. They have also been able to offer support to Ukrainians that arrive in the UK.

3) Save the Children: The UK charity distributing essential humanitarian aid to children and their families have been able to provide £400,000,000 through the DEC Ukraine Appeal. Their support has aided Ukrainian children and their families in Ukraine and also in Poland and Romania. They have provided cash grants to families so they can meet basic needs like food, rent and medicines but also restored schools and try to give children their childhood back.

4) Voices of Children: This Ukrainian charitable foundation helps children affected by the war. They provide psychological and psychosocial support to help Ukrainian children overcome the consequences of armed conflict.

Together TV is not affiliated nor do we benefit from any of the work the following charities do, and we encourage you conduct your own research before donating. We have tried our utmost best to gather organisations that are credible and offer Ukrainian communities immediate help.

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