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Has your sunflower flowered yet?

They will be growing at different rates, be sure to send us a photo when it unfurls or why not try a time lapse as the bud will begin to follow the sun around? See everyone’s latest photos in the sunflower grower gallery.

Danny and Lisa are back with a final guide on what to do when your sunflower has flowered and is beginning to droop. Your sunflower won’t be ready for a good few weeks, but prepare yourself in advance.

When you notice the head of your sunflower drooping, it means the seeds are weighing it down as they mature and they will begin to fall out ready for harvesting.

Grab a bag/jar/container for the seeds and carefully scrape away the seeds from the sunflower head.

You can also leave the bag on the head of the sunflower and wait for the seeds to drop out into the bag.

What to do with the collected sunflower seeds?

We’ll be back next week with some final aftercare tips and a farewell.

For now, tick off week 11 and carry on with the great work; keep that sunflower well watered and safe from pests.

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