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How tall has your sunflower gotten now?

It’s truly incredible when you think about how much it has grown when it started out as a tiny shoot. And you have also grown throughout this challenge! Either by learning a new skill, picking up some expert gardening tips, boosting your wellbeing, connecting with a neighbour or local gardening group...or all of the above!

We want to hear about your sunflower challenge experience and we will be giving away a stunning sunflower bird feeder to three standout stories.

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Have you noticed any budding side shoots on your sunflower? These can be cut off, put into water and will bloom. What a blooming lovely gift for someone!

If you cut off the side shoots, your sunflower has the chance to grow even taller but you’ll only get one flower.

Or by leaving the side shoots on, you’ll get one big flower and a few smaller flowers.

For those that are feeling really confident, cut or pinch the growing tip of your sunflower plant when it's about 12 inches tall, and you’ll force small shoots to grow out the top. This will encourage a shorter sunflower plant but lots of small flowers!

So, what will it be? Lots of small sunflowers or one big, tall sunflower? You might have lots of sunflowers so you can experiment with both methods.

sunflower buds (Image by Moira Gibson from Pixabay )

Don't worry if you sunflower hasn't grown side shoots or is still a little small. With the adverse weather and uniqueness of each sunflower, they will be at different stages. It'll get there in its own time.

Keep us updated by submitting your stories and uploading your pictures. That’s all for week 10; we’re almost there! Tick it off your calendar.

You’re doing an amazing job!

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