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Has your seed sprouted yet?

Knowing when and how much to water your sunflower in the beginning is hard to gauge. The Instant Gardener, Danny Clarke, and Fran Lawton showed us the best way to check, and to remember to water in the last video:


Check to see if the soil is dry. Use your finger, and if there’s any moisture you can hold off watering and check in again tomorrow. A good way to remember to check in is to anchor it to a habit you already do. For example, when you have a glass of water, think about checking if your sunflower needs a drink too! Or before you start washing the dishes, does your sunflower need a rinse too? Tell us what habit you’ll use to remember.

Aim for moist and not wet, less if more when the sunflower is still a seedling.

Feel free to twist a leaning seedling as it will grow towards the light, this will give you a straighter sunflower later on.

You can tick off watering on your sunflower calendar. Remember, every seed will have a different journey so be patient and just keep checking in with it.

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