The Instant Gardener Danny Clarke is back to show you how to sow your sunflower seeds alongside gardening expert, Fran Lawton

Fran's expert tips, like making your own cloche, will help you grow a sunflower that is bigger and better than before!


1. Fill a deep pot/upcycled container with a hole in the bottom with compost. Use peat-free multipurpose compost for the most environmentally friendly and nutritious for your sunflower. 

2. Drench the compost in water.

3. Make a hole with your finger 2 inches into the soil and put one seed in the hole. If you want to sow multiple seeds in one container make sure they're spaced at least 5-10cm apart.

4. Place on a warm, sunny windowsill for optimal germination. The sunnier the spot, the sooner you'll see a sprout!


We recommend keeping it inside away from birds and beasts whilst it's still young. 

Great work! Your sunflower challenge journey is well underway. Check "week 3 sowing" on the Sunflower Challenge calendar we sent you and remember to check your sunflower's moisture levels daily - or use a homemade cloche!