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How often do you think you should feed your sunflower fertiliser?

Danny and Fran answer your fertilising questions as well as others in another sunflower challenge episode:

How to fertilise your sunflowers

Fertiliser is important for strong growth, good flowers and helps keep pests and diseases away. There are many types of fertilisers, and tomato, seaweed or nitrogen fertilisers are the best for sunflowers.

Tomato fertiliser is rich in potassium which helps with flowering and nitrogen helps plants grow leaves.

Follow the prepartion instructions on the fertiliser you have and pour the fertiliser two inches from the stem, then cover with a layer of compost. Careful not to get fertiliser on the stem as it can cause rotting.

Would you like to try make your own fertiliser?

Fran has some easy DIY fertiliser recipes that you can try at home. 

Have you seen Danny in the Instant Gardener yet? We particularly love the fantastic job he did in Brenda and Beverly's garden in Bradford.

A garden makeover is a lovely gift to give someone, and that includes even just getting your hands mucky and helping someone clear their garden.

With your newfound gardening skills, see what else you can try!

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