Together TV's popular Sunflower Challenge has now ended for 2023! Thank you to everyone who joined us again. Keep an eye out on your inbox for the next challenge. 

Step 1 Register to join and for a chance to get free seeds Step 2: Hear if you're getting a seed kit mid-April Step 3: Grow the perfect sunflower with Danny's weekly tips Step 4: Swap tips and meet other gardeners

I've had great fun growing sunflowers and comparing notes and photos with friends that I gave tiny shoots to when I first started. It has been a joyful activity and I'll do the same next year. Jill R, Eastbourne

We're giving away 10,000 FREE sunflower seed kits and when you enter as a team, as the team leader you can get even two packets of seeds to share with the team you've made. Solo growers are also welcome, but why not try it as a team? You can race to see whose will be the tallest, troubleshoot pests together and discover the amazing gardening community in your area. 

Over 100,000 people across the UK have taken up the Sunflower Challenge to date.

By signing up below and inviting your teammates, you will be entered into a draw for a chance to receive one of the 10,000 sunflower seed kits.

What is the Sunflower Challenge

The Sunflower Challenge is a twelve week challenge that will get you growing a sunflower from seed. You will pick up top gardening tips from TV gardener Danny Clarke in special sunflower challenge videos to make sure your sunflower grow strong, pest free and bloom brilliantly. Learning to grow a sunflower will boost your wellbeing and we'll also share local gardening communities with you so you can continue your gardening endeavours beyond sunflowers.

What to expect from the Sunflower Challenge?

  1. 1. Sign up  to the challenge as a team or a solo grower using the form above and for a chance to get free seeds.
  2. 2. Keep an eye on your inbox for the wellbeing check in to kick things off and for when we announce the successful sunflower seed kit recepients
  3. 3. Get your sunflower kit in the post - or join us digitally!
  4. 4. Follow Danny Clarke's weekly tips for growing the perfect sunflower.
  5. 5. Keep us posted on your progress and connect with other gardeners!
  6. The sunflower challenge includes exclusive videos with TV gardener Danny Clarke

What other people have said about the Sunflower Challenge

I now talk to people on my street and have started a gardening club. I also give out the sunflower seeds that I harvest from your sunflowers. Charlie S, Wiltshire The sunflower challenge has given me a purpose



When will I get my sunflower seeds?

We will first do a draw for who will receive the sunflower seeds and we will dispatch the kits at the end of April. 

What will I learn in 12 weeks?

When you receive your sunflower seed kit, we will send you weekly tips via email and text about how to care and nurture your sunflower. These will follow the stages of growing a sunflower like germination, seedling, maintenance, indoor care, outdoor care, flowering and harvesting.


 There will be opportunities for you to find your local community garden and share your progress pictures - that may even end up on a billboard near you!

I'm under 18, but I want to join. Is there a way?

Due to our terms and conditions, you cannot join on your own, but you can ask someone over 18 to enter with you and do it together!

When is the deadline to join?

Registration for the the sunflowers seed kits draw will be midday Monday 17th April. You will be able to join for only the online content thereafter.

Do I have to pay?

No! If you're successful in our draw, we will send the free seeds to you for FREE. The exclusive content is also free to access. There will be things you need like compost, pots and other gardening tools you might need. See what you can borrow or find in your home.

I don't have a garden. Can I still join?

Of course! The more the merrier. We understand not everyone has access to an outside space, and we designed this challenge with you in mind. All our tips will come with indoor care advice too, so you can grow a sunflower at home.

How many seed kits can I apply for?

Whilst we've got thousands of seeds, we have to limit it to one kit per person . However, if you want to compete with a household member, you can both sign up and cheer each other on.

What are the terms and conditions?

You have to be over 18 and a resident in the UK to join the sunflower challenge. You can find the full terms and conditions on our website here.

How do the teams work?

If you fill in the form, you will automatically be the team leader. If you are successful in recieving a seed kit, we will send the seed to you and you will share them with your team. Everyone in the team will receive the weekly emails, and you can complete the tasks in the seed kit together and help each other grow.

How are you using my contact details?

Your contact details are stored safely by Together TV and never shared with anyone else. We will use them to keep in touch to send you amazing resources and exclusive videos. We could also use your address to send you the free kit and/or any prize you might be able to win.

By registering to the Sunflower Challenge, you are also subscribing to our monthly newsletter to keep you up to date with upcoming shows and initiatives. The first newsletter will be sent to you after you will have ended the Sunflower Challenge.

How can my friends join?

We will ask you to share your friend's contact information so we can invite them to the challenge. Let them know their inviation will come via email the next working day (taking into consideration bank holidays and weekends.)

Why can't I sign up for the sunflower challenge?

If you can't see the form to sign up for the challenge, it means we have closed registration. 

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