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Your team's sunflowers are probably getting quite tall and you may have already started staking them.

When they’re outside, they will need a more robust stake like bamboo. Danny Clarke and sunflower expert Fran Lawton will show you which stakes they recommend and the best way to attach your stake to your sunflower.

Did you know?

Sunflowers in pots will need more staking than sunflowers in the ground because their roots have less space to ground them!

Where is your team's closest community garden?

Now that you’re all upskilling in gardening, we think that you might enjoy checking out your local gardening community. It’s a great place to learn new skills from other gardeners, share resources and boost your wellbeing.

The closest one to you can be found below:

Next week we’ll let you and the team know why you should consider fertilising your sunflower and which one to choose.

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