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SUNFLOWER CHALLENGE 2023: WEEK 6 - Hardening off

Do you and the team know the safest way to transplant your sunflowers outdoors?

Keeping them inside up until now has been important to ensure they’re strong enough for outside life. It has also helped protect them from hungry birds and squirrels.

Danny and Fran will show you the best way to safely transplant the seedlings to give them the best start to life outside.

 If you can’t transplant them into the ground, you can put them in a bigger pot! The bigger the pot the better, so your sunflower has more chance of growing as big as possible.

Protecting your sunflower

We know that life outside will introduce your sunflowers to new dangers. We’ve collected some of the top precautions you can take to keep your team's sunflowers safe.

Top safety precautions

  • - Use dryer lint, gravel, egg shells, chilli powder, or other powders, or sharp edges to deter slugs
  • - Rabbits can be kept at bag with chicken wire
  • - A beer trap can draw away insects but will kill them
  • - Spraying the leaves with a mixture of dish soap and water can help deter some pests. Mix 1.5 teaspoons with 250ml  of water.

top sunflower saftey precautions to protect your sunflowers against hungry insects

Once you’ve safely moved your sunflowers outside remember to keep watering them and soak them through!

Tick off transplanting in your calendar and  tell each other how proud you are of your evolving gardening skills!!

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