This year's Sunflower Challenge has NOW CLOSED. We are overwhelmed with the number of growers joining us this year – 50,000 in 10 days!

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Accept the Sunflower Challenge for your FREE sunflower seeds and learn a new skill, connect with your community and boost your wellbeing.

Last year over 50,000 people across the UK, from the Isle of Wight to Aberdeen, joined our Sunflower Challenge.
That's just under the whole population of Folkestone!

Whether you're a gardening expert or just starting out, our Sunflower Challenge has something for everyone with exclusive videos from the Instant Gardener, Danny Clarke.

How does it work?

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Step 1: Sign up now using the form below to receive your FREE Sunflower Challenge kit including sunflower seeds.

Step 2: Get exclusive growing and care tips over 12 weeks from the Instant Garden's Danny Clarke to grow a sunflower to be proud of.

Step 3: Sow your seeds, grow as a gardener and connect with the sunflower challenge community and beyond!


Paul m -  rock on next year as it has been a great learning curve and gonnae be PLENTY of them in our garden for 2022Week 18 and we are finally starting to bloom. Have had challenges with wind and rain but its all been a lot of fun. - linda jmaxine f - My largest sun flower. I even love the lacy leaves eaten by bugs. The sunflowers make me smile every day. Well done Together TV

Registration for the Sunflower Challenge is currently closed.

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wHoo Cares’ clients are generally elderly and not online. Our clients do not visit a centre instead we visit them at their home. Therefore, the challenge invitation was in our Client Newsletter and also as a leaflet when we visited them at homes.   Some of our clients signed up to the challenge and were excited to be part of something. It was a highlight for them to receive post and knowing others across the country were also part of the challenge made them feel connected to the outside world. - Michelle Trumper, wHoo Cares CIC

Did you know community groups can join together?

The Sunflower Challenge is a great initiative for large groups, and you can sign yours up! Last year we had care homes, schools, charities and other organisations participate in larger groups. Please contact our team directly to organise a bulk order and how you can join in together.

Registration for Together TV’s Sunflower Challenge 2022 is now CLOSED




What will I learn in 12 weeks?

When you receive your sunflower seed kit, we will send you weekly tips via email and text about how to care and nurture your sunflower. These will follow the stages of growing a sunflower like germination, seedling, maintenance, indoor care, outdoor care, flowering and harvesting.


 There will be opportunities for you to find your local community garden and share your progress pictures - that may even end up on a billboard near you!

I'm under 18, but I want to join. Is there a way?

Due to our terms and conditions, you cannot join on your own, but you can ask someone over 18 to enter with you and do it together!

When is the deadline to join?

We have 50,000 seed kits to send out, and we will distribute them on a first-come-first-served basis. When they're gone, they're gone! Our advice is to sign up fast.

Do I have to pay?

No! We will send the free seeds to you for FREE. The exclusive content is also free to access. There will be things you need like compost, pots and other gardening tools you might need. See what you can borrow or find in your home.

I don't have a garden. Can I still join?

Of course! The more the merrier. We understand not everyone has access to an outside space, and we designed this challenge with you in mind. All our tips will come with indoor care advice too, so you can grow a sunflower at home.

Will you supply compost and pots too?

We will be sending you a sunflower challenge kit that includes a sunflower seed packet, a weekly calendar for you to hang on your fridge, a sunflower challenge planner and a poster. We will offer advice on where to find any supplies you might need and often you can use things lying around the house. An empty tin or egg carton is a great pot to sow your seed in (just make sure you make a drainage hole in it)!

What's so special about this challenge?

Last year, over 50,000 people joined the challenge and the results on their wellbeing was unparallelled. People showed an improved wellbeing and felt closer to their community.


Together TV wants you to grow a sunflower to boost your wellbeing, connect with your community and grow as gifts for your friends and family. We will be guiding first time gardeners every step of the way with weekly emails. We want you and your sunflowers to grow this year.

How many seed kits can I apply for?

Whilst we've got thousands of seeds, we have to limit it to one kit per person. However, if you want to compete with a household member, you can both sign up and cheer each other on.

Why do you need my phone number?

Over the 12 weeks we will be helping you nurture your sunflower, and that includes checking in. We found a great way to do so is by text or Whatsapp. The messages we send will be free to receive and we will always reach out by email first.

What are the terms and conditions?

You have to be over 18 and a resident in the UK to join the sunflower challenge. You can find the full terms and conditions on our website here.

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