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This month, enjoy our new brand new TV series and thought-provocking documentaries that will make your November more exciting than ever. 

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Two Wheels One Love

Danny John Jules goes back to his fatherland Dominica and speaks to men about prostate cancer and their risk, which affects 1 in 4 black men. On his arrival on Dominica, he’s met with mayhem from the Hurricanes that hit the Caribbean in 2017. Danny gives a wonderful insight into his own heritage and the intricate life of the Caribbean. There’s emotion, tragedy and new-found sense of being. Be #StrongerKnowingMore: with this series, Together supports Prostate Cancer UK's campaign to fight prostate cancer that affects 1 in 4 black men. Learn more>> 

On Mondays at 9.30pm with new weekly episodes


Born to Be Different

Filmed over 10 years, this is a moving observational documentary series, a candid portrait of the pressures and joys of bringing up a disabled child. Born to Be Different reveals that bittersweet challenges faced by 6 families as they raise their children. Each episode is a unique look at the children in different stages of their lives. We end the series run with the children hitting their 16th Birthday, dealing with things most teenagers will never face. A wonderful insight into the lives of families that is never seen. 

From Monday the 19th at 10.30pm. New episodes every day.


Childbirth All or Nothing

Four pregnant women. Four different plans. A documentary following four stories and paths of pregnant women all making very different choices around their births, including Jo, who plans to deliver her baby completely alone. 

On Saturday the 3rd November at 9.30pm.




Dirty Games

As FIFA scandals are a recurring matter, Dirty Games is an expedition to the dirty abyss of professional sports. The award-winning investigative journalist Benjamin Best (CNN Journalist of the Year 2011) looks behind the scenes at the colourful world of sports and exposes the bitter taste and low ethical standards behind the multi-billion sports business. Drawing upon personal stories from all over the world, this film shows how the sport system operates. In the process, it also exposes new and sinister wheeling and dealing in the world of sports. 

Premieres on Sunday the 4th at 9.30pm.


Epilepsy and Me

What happens when people can't see your disability? It's hidden and can strike at any time, without warning - when you're walking down the street, in a classroom, at a party or on a date. In this film about people who have extreme epilepsy, where seizures can be a daily occurrence and they must be watched 24 hours a day. It follows four people at a crucial point in their lives when their futures are being decided. How can you grow up and lead an independent life when you can never be left alone? 

On Saturday the 10th November at 9.30pm. 


Red Light Green Light

As nations around the globe attempt to fight sex trafficking, many consider legalizing prostitution.  Two filmmakers travel across ten countries to explore the issue,  attempting to answer the question: “How can we prevent sexual exploitation before it happens in the first place?”.  Though governments are getting better at prosecuting traffickers and providing aftercare to victims, it is time we begin to ask the question of what lies at the root.   

Premieres on Sunday the 11th November at 9.30pm.

Women's Sex Drive

For years men have underestimated women. They thought they were smarter than women, but women now outnumber men in colleges. They thought that women should not work, but now women are most of the American workforce.  And for years men thought women had a lower sex drive – can men be proven wrong again? The film explores the scientific, historical, biological and social aspects behind the female sex drive and female gaze. Examining the rise of Sex Toys, the success behind 50 Shades of Grey and revealing what women are really looking for in a man. 

Premieres on Sunday the 18th November at 9.30pm.


Campervan Crisis

Bringing you the Campervan Crisis is Nigel Isted, president of the SplitscreenVolkswagen Club. For all VW fans this enthusiast and aficionado takes on the challenge of a restoration project. Follow Nigel as he painstakingly restores his dilapidated Devon Camper called Dipsy. With a young family and full-time job, this is one 6-month project with extreme high and lows. 

On Tuesday the 13th November at 10pm. 


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