Wildflowers: Here's how to get started

Bring more colour and life to your home or community space with wildflowers next spring and summer. Better fruit and veg too, thanks to wildflowers attracting more wildlife to eat pests.

Go on, take inspiration from Edible Gardens and the Great British Garden Revival. Grab the chance to enjoy the outdoors and grab the thrill of blossoming flowers!


Grow Wild may also send you free flower seeds to get you started in spring 2019! 

Grow Wild is offering funding too for exciting projects using windflowers. Fungi, too.

There’s £500 available to people aged 14-25 to deliver creative arts projects – know anyone up for the challenge?

You’ll be joining millions of grow wilders across the UK.

Grow Wild is the national outreach initiative of Kew Gardens. It inspires people to change lives and transform spaces through UK-native wildflowers and fungi.  


How can I do more with Grow wild?

Grow Wild inspires people to grow as a group, get active, learn about nature and give back through volunteering. All of these things can improve health and wellbeing, as well as transform unloved urban spaces across the UK.

Grow Wild gives out both seed and fungus kits, as well as guidance and support on how to grow wildflowers, introducing people who may never have sown seeds before to the joys of growing, pollinators and the vibrancy of nature.

Grow Wild also runs annual grants and campaigns, which are tragetted towards community groups, young people and disadvantaged adults who want to run projects that bring people together around growing wildflowers and fungi. 

Grow Wild is supported by the Big Lottery Fund, using National Lottery funding, and through private and public contributions. 

Visit Grow Wild's website to find out the latest ways to get involved and check out the latest youth and community-led projects supported by Grow Wild across the UK.

Be inspired. Get involved. Together we Do More!



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