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It's Great To Get Together

The Great Get Together is coming up again this year! This event, held on the 22nd through the 24th of June celebrates coming together to get to know one another and simply to have a great time out in our communities. Together TV will be supporting the event as well is rebadging itself as ‘Great Get Together' for the weekend during the event.

Want to find an event near you?

Click on the icon below to discover a fully-interactive map with all of the current Great Get Together events happening across the UK and surrounding countries.

Can't find an event in your community?

You can arrange your own! Great Get Together provides several resources that will help you effectively create your own event that will bring your community together. Just click on the icon below to find out how!

This weekend of getting together was inspired by Jo Cox, a former British Member of Parliament. Her famous maiden speech with the words "we have more in common than that which divides us" sparked a new kind of unity in the United Kingdom. The Great Get Together, held on what would have been Jo's birthday weekend, highlights this unity further.


“The people of Greater Manchester have shown what it means to build stronger communities as a way to drive out extremism and hatred," said Andy Burnham, a good friend of Jo's. "I’m delighted that so many people across the city and beyond will be getting involved in The Great Get Together. There are times to remember those we have lost and times to celebrate what we have in common and I look forward to seeing people out enjoying themselves at events large and small in the spirit Jo taught us to embrace.”

Though last years' event was a large success, bringing together the people in over 120,000 events, the 2018 Great Get Together is looking to grow exponentially upon last year. From sporting events to community bake-offs and barbecues, there will be no shortage of fun to be found in the boroughs near you.

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