Nobody should be lonely. People of all ages need connections that matter. But there are 4 million lonely elderly people in the UK.  They lack the friendship and support we all need. The Campaign to End Loneliness is here to inspire individuals to end loneliness in old age. Loneliness isn’t inevitable, and there are simple actions to support others.

The Be More Us movement is about taking time to connect and celebrate what brings us together. It’s about being curious about the world around us. And being open to new experiences and feeling like we belong.


What does The Campaign to End Loneliness Do?

Whether they know it or not, thousands of people are already helping to reduce loneliness across the UK. Pubs, neighbours, families, businesses and other establishments are constantly creating connections through daily interactions.

The Campaign to End Loneliness wants to encourage these day-to-day interactions and provide a nationwide voice to make the UK a place where no one feels alone.

How can I do more with The Campaign to End Loneliness?

There are simple actions everyone could take to help. Get involved now by signing up to their website. You will find out opportunities to learn, campaign, and connect with one another.

You can be part of 'Be More Us' movement on loneliness by getting involved and making a difference for those who are next to you. 


Together, we can #EndLoneliness.


Together we can do more…

…and this is where you come in. Together is the only channel to broadcast content with one simple goal; to inspire us to do more to change our lives, and the lives of others in our community. To keep doing this we increasingly need your support so we don’t have to compromise on this goal. If you like what you see, for as little as £1, you can help us, so we can secure our future together.

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