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Why is British History Month important? It is a time of reflecting and thanking those British-Africans and African-Americans who fought for their rights, and for giving everyone hope and a life lesson that could be put at good use by anyone. 

With the ‘Heroes’ season, we want to celebrate the inspiring stories of past and present black people, whether they were fighting for inclusion, for establishing their rights, dealing with personal grieving or getting to know their own roots in the middle of a hurricane.  Globally-known artists like Idris Elba, UK stars like Danny John Jules and many others will be at the very heart of the shows we'll be airing this month. 

Be #StrongerKnowingMore: with this season, Together supports Prostate Cancer UK's campaign to fight prostate cancer that affects 1 in 4 black men. Learn more>>


An eclectic collection of work to inspire our viewers and be proud of a culture that is in the fabric of the UK.

So tune in, be inspired and do more Together.

Mandela, My Dad and me

Everyone knows Idris Elba as a successful actor. But how many do really know that his real passion and inspiration is actually music?

The documentary was originally intended to focus on the recording of the album that Idris produced in South Africa called "Idris Elba presents mi Mandela", inspired by his time researching and portraying Nelson Mandela in "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”.

Idris asked BAFTA award-winning director Daniel Vernon to document this period of his life, between red carpets in America and record studios in Africa, and it then became something way deeper as it also included Idris dealing with the grief for his father’s loss. 

From Saturday the 6that 9pm 

Two Wheels One Love

Danny John Jules goes back to his fatherland Dominica and speaks to men about prostate cancer and their risk, which affects 1 in 4 black men. On his arrival on Dominica, he’s met with mayhem from the Hurricanes that hit the Caribbean in 2017. Danny gives a wonderful insight into his own heritage and the intricate life of the Caribbean. There’s emotion, tragedy and new-found sense of being. 

From Monday the 15th at 9.30pm with new weekly episodes

The Story of Lovers Rock

Menelik Shabazz's documentary 'The Story of Lover's Rock' involved so much more than setting teenaged heartbreak to a reggae beat.

Though a primarily underground phenomenon, lover's rock influenced pop acts such as the Police, Culture Club and Sade, and offered an antidote to the male-dominated space of Jamaican roots reggae, whose Rastafari iconography and political specifics were often alienating for many black Britons. Lover's rock became crucial to the formation of a black British identity during a politically and socially turbulent era. 

On Sunday the 21st at 9pm 

Sticks and Stones

As part of the British Black History Month, we bring you Ex-So Solid Crew rapper Asher D (aka Ashley Walters) as he explores how and why racially offensive language has become such an ingrained part of our lives. He explores the contentious ‘N’ word and what it really represents. Is it a part of ‘Black Culture’ or is it word that should be abolished?

On Sunday the 7th at 9pm.


Maya Angelou once said, “Nothing will work unless you do”. This is what Althea Gibson did. Why is she so important in British Black Culture? She was the first Black female to play and win the Championships in Wimbledon.

Her background from Harlem, did not stop her facing the animosity from the elite ‘Tennis’ fraternity, but she used that to her advantage and proved that colour shouldn’t be a barrier for anything. 

On Saturday the 20th at 9pm.

Generation Revolution

Here come the young heroes of ‘Generation Revolution’.  Generation Revolution brings to screen the powerful story of a new generation of black and brown activists who are changing the social and political landscape in the capital and beyond. This feature-length documentary film follows an exciting new breed of organisations as well as the young Londoners that are part of them! 

On Saturday the 6th at 9pm.

Lost Legends

This short documentary provides a snapshot into the history of Black History Month. Listen to many contributors as they share their thoughts and memories. The film discusses the shaping and making of Black History Month and its relevance today. 

Premieres on Saturday the 13th at 9.45pm.

...and more to come! Come back to see new titles and Premieres.


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