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What foods do you find you don’t always get around to eating?

The top foods wasted in the UK include potatoes, bread and milk.

Kitche are masters at reducing, which is why we teamed up with them for this challenge. The Kitche App is free to download and can help you minimise food waste by reminding you what you still have in your fridge!

This week, we challenge you to try one Kitche’s reducing hacks >>

1. Make a salsa verde from any leftover basil and other fresh herbs, check out Chef Dan's tutorial:

2. Create a scrumptious jam (or a smoothie!) using fruit nearing the end of its life

3. Save your milk by turning the fridge down or freezing your milk!

Cooking for the community

Our charity partner FoodCycle is also a master at reducing, using surplus food to prepare weekly meals. Try pop down to your local FoodCycle this week and for our challengers in Ireland, Scotland and Wales we’ve teamed up with FareShare. Find your closest Foodcycle or Fareshare below:

Please keep safe! Check the latest government announcements and restrictions before making plans.

A final way to reduce is to grow your own! Speaking of which, how is your basil coming along?

Pick the leaves and tops of basil regularly. You can be quite ruthless, so long as you leave at least three pairs of side shoots so your plants can regrow. Don’t wash the leaves until you’re ready to use them as they’ll turn slimy. If only a few leaves are required, remove the tops of plants to encourage bushy growth.

We love receiving all your photos which we add to our gallery and our Facebook grower this week was Kalyani M.

The skills you’ve acquired to nurture your basil can be used to grow another herb.

How about coriander? Or mint?

You’ve successfully grown a little basil plant that you can use in all these scrumptious dishes you’ve learnt, go ahead and grow some more!

Tick off week 7 and give yourself a pat on the back for every action you take this week to reduce and go green in this kitchen.

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