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Being green sometimes means we need to make choices.

In the kitchen, there are a growning number of green choices to make. An easy first step is minimising food waste! has some green food hacks to make going green effortless.

Some of our favourite tips are:

⇒ Use seasonal ingredients; check out what’s the greenest foods to eat in winter months

⇒ Cook zero-waste dishes like these recipes using up banana skins, even in curries

Banan peel (Image by Here and now, unfortunately, ends my journey on Pixabay)

What are your evening plans this week?

FoodCycle runs Community Meals on various days of the week for the community to enjoy great food and conversation. Volunteers use surplus food to make delicious meals and serve it to the community. As you practice cooking green on this challenge, pop down to a FoodCycle or FareShare, a charity dedicated to eliminating food poverty and food waste, with a friend or neighbour: 

Next week’s recipe is a Tasty Tuscan Bean Soup. Soups are a great way to minimise food waste, which can be frozen! Here is the shopping listso you can be well prepared to cook along.

Tasty Tuscan Bean Soup Shopping List

  Salt and Pepper
And how are your basil seedlings coming along? Are they peeking through? The Together For Good Facebook Group is a great place to ask any questions about your basil and to share progress pictures.
A gif compiled of people's sown basil seeds from the Facebook group


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