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Joan Kelly Pauline B.
My basil is coming along healthy & strong.

Pauline B. Pauline B.
Growing nicely

Saghi Famili Saghi F.
My basil is finally growing!

Stephanie Allen Stephanie A.
My basil is looking good!

Thomas J Eric J.
Here're is my seedlings, they're getting bigger!

Lorraine C. Lorraine C.
My basil is certainly taking it's time to grow .

Nikki F. Nicki F.
Thank you for my seeds.

Valeria S. Valerie S.
Our basil is healthy and strong!

Zandra S. Zandra S.
My basil is growing healthy and strong.

Tina J. Tina J.
My basil.

Anne M. Anne M.
My basil seeds are coming along.

Gail Parry Gail P.
My Basil seedlings.

Sue H Sue H.
My Basil seedlings selfie!

Peter V Peter V.
My Basil seedlings started to sprout this week, and today, after 14 days, five are showing!

Kalyani M. Kalyani M.
Tuscan bean soup!

Jackie P Jackie P.
My basil is coming along!

Alfie S Alfie S.
Week 3!

Linda W. Linda W.
My basil has finally sprouted but I think it'll be a while before I'll be able to harvest it!.

Farida R Farida R.
Thank you for my Basil seeds which have germinated really well. Really looking forward to adding to my pasta very soon.

Lorraine C. Lorraine C.
My basil week 2.

Lorraine C. Lorraine C.
Should have posted this on week 2, but better late than never.

Maria R. Maria R.
My basil is coming along nicely.

Kalyani M. Kalyani M.
My speedy tomato pasta.

Helen J. Helen J.
Here are my seeds a few weeks old now.

Sally M. Sally M.
Just noticed the first signs this morning.

Sallie T Sallie T.
My basil is starting to sprout.

Jacquie B. Jacquie B.
Green challenge ready.

Kelly M. Kelly M.
My basil is growing!

Jacqui M. Jacqui M.
Couldn't wait to try Rustie Lee's recipe!

Collete C. Collete C.
Basil coming along!

Kalyani M. Kalyani M.
Green Challenge selfie!

Kathy S - Been a week, coming along nicely Kathy S .
Been a week, coming along nicely

Alfie S - Week 1 complete Alfie S.
Week 1 complete

Maria W - Planted seeds and now wait Maria W.
Planted seeds and now wait

Karen W. Karen W.
Green Challenge

Ken P - 9 days after planting and the basil seedlings are showing. I’ve kept some back for later. Ken P.
9 days after planting and the basil seedlings are showing. I’ve kept some back for later.

Sally T - Lots of seeds planting in the hopes of giving away some plants. Sally T.
Lots of seeds planting in the hopes of giving away some plants.

Andrew R - Basil seeds planted.17th November 21 Andrew R. 
Basil seeds planted. 17th November 21

Jacqui H. Jackie H.
My basil seeds arrived and sown in my old plastic container.

Lorraine C. Lorraine C.
Basil seeds are sown.

Valerie S. Valerie S.
Basil seeds sown in pots, one for each family household.

Pat C. Pat C.
Basil seeds are now sown!

Jacqui M. Jacqui M.
Green Challenge 2021!

Kathy S. Kathy S..
Planted today! 

Simon A. Simon A.
My seed are planted! 

Maria R. Maria R.
Planted seeds and now wait! 

Jane W. Jane W.
Basil seeds are ready! 

Karen W. Karen W.
Basil seeds set today! 

Valeria S. Valeria S.
Germination, yipess! 

Maria K. Maria K.
Seeds are in the pot! 

Diane A Diane A.
Thanks for the seeds! 

Karen M. Karen D.
My seeds have arrived, good luck everyone!

Ken P Ken P.
9 days after planting and the basil seedling are showing!

Sallie T. Sallie T.
Can't wait to see my basil grow!




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