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Kings and Queens of Speech

Inner city youths find their voices in ‘Kings and Queens of Speech.’ Watch six schools compete in a debating championship in the House of Commons. Shy, troubled, or down on their luck these students all find meaning through the power of debate.

WATCH IT Starting 4th Febuary on weekdays at 2pm

OAP internet Virgins

Follow this group of YouTubers as they take on the daunting task of teaching retirees the ins and outs of the internet. Learn how technology can bring us together and close the gap between generations.

WATCH IT Starting 5th Febuary on weekdays at 9pm

Extreme Phobias Extreme Cures

Some phobias are so crippling that it prevents people from leading everyday lives. Watch these frightful folks undergo exposure therapy in an attempt to extinguish their fears.

Watch It Starting 10th Febuary on weekdays at 9pm


D-Day: The Shortest Day

Witness the extensive planning leading up to the most infamous battle of WWII. Listen to first-hand accounts of survivors as they recall the tense hours and days leading up to the landing.

WATCH IT On 29th February at 9pm

Binge These Channel Favourites!

Real Gardens

Check out real Brits and top tips in ‘Real Gardens.’ Tackle the challenges that everyday gardeners face as host Monty Don participates in dozens of back garden projects.

WATCH OUR MARATHON On 8th February from 12-5:30


Yorkshire Dales and Lakes


Take a look into the lush countryside life of ‘Yorkshire Dales and Lakes.’ Hear from local residents and workers about what life is like in England’s rolling hills.

WATCH OUR MARATHON On 23rd February from 12-8 pm

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