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Do our shows on communities and heritage inspire you to do more? 

With Semble (formerly Project Dirt), you can get to know the community at your doorstep and make change happen together.

A world of opportunities is waiting for you!

Get To Know The Communities At Your Doorstep 

Community projects can range from starting your own garden, to tackling plastic, caring for the elderly, and creating projects to help kids appreciate the outdoors and gain new skills! Semble features community projects like 'Stonehill Community Gardens' provides outdoor learning experiences for diverse groups, by providing a safe space where families, groups and individuals can come to enjoy nature, learn about sustainable gardening and meet new people. Amy's Care provides active day care for those living with conditions of older age and dementia, many of whom are socially or rurally isolated. They offer joy and friendship to the participants with activities like taking groups out and about.  

If you're passionate about making a change happen, gather your community together and start your project today! Semble can help give you all the right tools to transform your community, support your project to make an impact, get funding and volunteers, and connect you with a community of similar projects to share insights and inspiration. 


Okay, but...Wait! How Do I Set My Own Community Roots? 

Finding inspiration to ignite change can be found through others either through a TV show, word-of-mouth, or on social media. There's no need to go far to start making an impact on the world, it begins at your doorstep within your own community! At the heart of Semble is bringing people together to make a change. They help support small, grassroot community projects by helping them find businesses, volunteers with shared visions helping them to grow their impact, and tell the story of the change they've made happen. 



Eco-warrior or lover of the planet we all live on? Check out Semble's campaigns such as  'Outdoor Classroom Day' to make your impact on mother Earth. 

Take action to assist the planet in preserving all that is green, blue and good! Learn more>>

Looking to join smaller scale events? Fear not! Semble has aligned multiple projects across their various Campaigns, offering many ways to give back to the community!

Also check out these great initiatives: 'Wellcome Community Action' and 'Regents's Place'.  More information here>>

Need more inspiration? Dig into Semble’s hub of stories and find helpful resources. Explore it now>>





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