Do More with Woodland Trust

There is a trail in the UK that goes all the way through the country. Amazing landscapes, between woods and green lanes.

And two adventurous bike-lovers who have decided to ride this path in only two weeks.

Whether it is snow blocked trails, river crossings, freezing nights, Bike Off dares, navigational errors or unexploded military ordnance, Graham and Tom will have their work cut out to complete their adventure. 

Embrace the wild

If you feel inspired by this great adventure, get yourself in it! 

At Woodland Trust woods are free to visit and yours to explore.

Discover the most beautiful outdoor spaces around the UK and learn how to recognise trees and wildlife. You can choose to experience that on your own, or with your family and friends. Thre are so many things you can do! 



Ready to get involved with Woodland Trust? 

First, find out where your nearest wood is and learn what kind of wildlife you will be able to find. Learn and enjoy - and don't forget to support!

Join the Woodland Trust to help protect, restore and create the woods and trees you love. 




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