The DIY Challenge has now closed.

Thank you to all who joined.

We will be launching a new challenge soon.


Challenge yourself and join 50,000 people across the UK to complete three amazing DIY projects with Home DIY TV host, Dave Wellman.

You’ll have the chance of winning amazing personalised DIY kit, boosting your wellbeing and being involved with your community through your local UKMSA shed! Everyone is welcome to do the DIY Challenge this winter.

What’s the Challenge?

We're teaming up with UKMSA to help you complete three easy DIY projects to make stunning garden additions for your friends, family or yourself! You’ll make stylish planters, a show-stopping vegetable trug and a welcoming bird feeder all from upcycled materials.

Photos of the stunning bird feeder, vegetable drug and the stylish planter you'll learn how to make

For each project, you’ll have:

  • Gather your materials,
  • Complete the DIY challenge and
  • Share a photo of your project to enter into a prize draw!


All the materials you need will come from inside your home and DIY TV host Dave Wellman will teach you how to masterfully craft them into high quality trinkets for the garden. No extra costs and no complicated instructions.

Dave’s video tutorials will break down each step and you can pause, rewind and rewatch whenever you need.

After completing every project, you’ll have the chance to win amazing prizes by sharing your completed photos with us! There are five chances to win and the prizes range from personalised professional tools and DIY equipment to keep you DIY-ing.

Along the way, we'll introduce you to your local community shed, where you can meet fellow challengers, learn more DIY skills and learn more about UKMSA. This challenge is open to all genders  looking to challenge themselves and learn how to make these fanastic garden additions.


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    Together TV’s challenges have been completed by over 150,000 people already! See what people have said about our previous challenges:

    "The challenge gave me an interest in gardening and gave me some useful tips to share with others" - Mary L, Belfast. "I now plan out outdoor activities like gardening and it keeps me relaxed and it feels really good" Sanaa A, Manchester. "It was good organising a project for my five grandchildren and seeing it through." James O, Motherwell.


    What are the terms and conditions?

    You have to be over 18 and a resident in the UK to join the DIY challenge. You can find the full terms and conditions on our website here.

    What do I need to do to join the challenge?

    Please enter your full name and email address so we can send you your DIY challenge guide with the full resources to kickstart your DIY journey!

    Our form only knows you by the name you’ve previously given us. If your name has changed since then, please email us at [email protected].

    What's so special about this challenge?

    Over 150,000 people have joined Together TV's challenges and the results on their wellbeing was unparallelled. People showed an improved wellbeing and felt closer to their community.

    Together TV wants you to get DIYing to boost your wellbeing, connect with your community and make gifts for your friends and family. We will be guiding first time DIY-ers every step of the way with weekly emails. We want you to be proud of your projects.

    What DIY shows can I watch?

    We have a full section on our FREE streaming service dedicated to DIY. Browse and watch your favourite DIY shows

    Also, have a look at garden design and DIY on a budget in Garden Rescue Top of the Plots...and more to come. Enjoy!

    Can I join if I'm a woman?

    Of course! Whilst UKMSA has the word men in their name, all genders are welcome at all the sheds. DIY is for everyone and the projects aren't gender specific. If you're interested in challenging yourself, learning some skills, being more involved in your community and winning prizes then this challenge is for YOU!

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