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A photo montage of the protagonists from the 5 short films. From left to right, Joyclen Buffong the creator of RISE 365 is smiling in the sun wearing a cap and a grey hoodie with the RISE.365 logo on it, Aaron Carty as the Beyonce Experience wearing a blonde wig, body suit and black sun hat, Robert Samunda a black farmer wearing a khaki cap and shirt with a Jamaican flag scarf, Barry the Beekeeper has long black dreads and a long grey beard wearing a knitted Pan Afirca trapper hat and a jean jacket, Sandra Murphy who is a Black Female Equestrian, she is smiling to the camera wearing a white scalloped t-shirt, a gold necklace and a black mac overcoat.

The 2021 Diverse Film Fund filmmakers have produced their own short doc on Black British Lives Today. Catch each film throughout October, the UK's recognised Black History Month. More information on each film can be found by clicking on the name. 

Superheroes Wear Hoodies

Jason Osborne

On the left is a cfilm camera poitned to three young women standing on the right. These three young women are wearing RISE 365 hoodies and t-shirts, have their afro hair tied up. They are standing in a car park on a London estate.

Following the rise in Covid-19 cases and food insecurity in the beginning of 2020, a small band of young leaders show that not all superheros wear capes, some wear hoodies.

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Our Land 

Alexandra Genova

Robbie Samuda is a balck gardener looking at the camera. He is standing in an allotment wearing a khaki cap and shirt and a Jamaica flag balaclava. The sky is blue.

This BAFTA-winning film documents in England’s predominantly white agricultural industry, two black food growers are on the search for their own land to launch their farming business.

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Barry The Bee Keeper 

By Ikram Ahmed

Barry the Beekeeper has long black dreads and a long grey beard wearing a knitted Pan Africa trapper hat and a jean jacket. Behind him are out of focus branches with green leaves.

Barry's story and mission will tug at your heartstrings. It is a lesson of hope and togetherness, which is one thing we can learn from the bees. Bee ready!

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The Black Equestrian 

Sheila Kayuma

Black female polo equestrian Mame-Yaa Bonsu is sitting on a chestnut coloured horse in polo clothes holding a polo stick trotting on a polo pitch.

Equestrianism is known as ‘The Sport of Kings,’ however three black British women are coming forward to shine a light on the side less seen of this beautiful heritage sport.

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Beyonce Experience

Blaise Singh

This photo is taken from the wings of the stage. On stag is the Beyonce tribute drag act mid-dance.

Giving up your day job to follow a dream is as hard as it seems. But what about when that dream involves controversey, the spotlight and Beyonce's set list. Do not miss the Beyonce Experience this October.

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Together TV’s Diverse Film Fund is a newly created fund to support new creative talent to tell the stories that need to be told about Britain today...

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