Welcome to the 2018 Elections of the Together / Community Channel Board.

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Laura Hopper

"I have a wide range of experience in the for-profit and non-profit sectors which will enable me to contribute to the board and fulfil my duty of care as a director. With my financial background, I have the ability to understand and examine finances in detail. I have experience of working with boards and a sound understanding of governance through my roles both as as a CEO and a trustee of a small charities. I have a solid track record of securing investment including raising equity, applying for grants from trusts and foundations and working with corporate partners. I love film and helping independent filmmakers and will bring this enthusiasm to supporting the work of Together. After moving to the UK, I co-founded and participated in a community filmmaking group in North London for a couple of years. I now support my daughter who is studying to be a cinematographer."

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Phil Geraghty 

"I have a long history of building tech platforms for mass consumer and business engagement, most recently I was the founder and managing director of crowdfunder.co.uk, where I oversaw the growth from zero to £60M raised for 25,000 community project. My skillset is a mix of digital product, commercial, tech and marketing. I have lead tech teams, product team and marketing teams for over 20 years, all in online businesses. I love bridging that gap between tech and business and how that can bring about improvements to peoples lives."

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Philip Turvil

"I've engaged millions of people to create change in their lives. This is evidenced at Kew Gardens where I deliver their award-winning, £14m education initiative focused on community connections across the UK. I'd also add value to Together from my skills as an award-winning communicator. I've worked with great teams to bring products to market, fund youth-led projects and run digital campaigns. If elected, I'd especially like to develop my co-opted role on Together's membership committee. There's great potential to positively engage members and wider supporters."

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