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Let your TV be an Instrument of Change.

There are 4 million lonely people in the UK. A lot of them will spend Christmas alone. So this month Together is teaming up with campaign to end loneliness to tackle the issue and bring everyone together.  Be More Us>>

We are the TV channel that bring you untold stories that will let you think differently about the world around us.

This month, enjoy our new brand new TV series and thought-provoking documentaries that will make your December more exciting than ever. Do More with us! Be inspired and get involved>>

Instrument of change

Acoustic pianos are being dumped. Some are rescued and put on the street for anyone to play. We follow the lives of three players and see how these pianos effect their lives. As well as hearing form big names Jools Holland, James Rhodes and Jay Rayner. This documentary explores connection and communication between strangers and the positive affects music has on your life as well as others.

On Saturday 15th December 9pm

At Home with the Noonans

At Home with the Noonans is a documentary following the lives of Dominic Noonan and his family. Dominic Noonan is a Manchester crime lord who has been in and out of prison throughout his life. This documentary follows his journey over 10 years, in and out of jail, as well as looking at the lives his family. Will his son Bugsy follow in his footsteps and turn to a life of crimes will never face. A wonderful insight into the lives of families that is never seen.

On weekdays at 9.30pm.

NHS: A New Jerusalem

A New Jerusalem is a documentary created for the 70th anniversary of the NHS. The documentary discusses the origins of the NHS and the influences the war and politics had on it. With interview and stories from those who were there. From the Doctors to the Nurses!

On Saturday 15th December at 10.15pm.


Restoration Man

Architect George Clarke Travels around Britain getting to know the people transforming run down properties into fresh new homes. From Churches to water towers and even windmills any property can be converted into a home in this eventful series. Get to see the struggles and achievements of these adventures, creatives that take on these challenging projects to create their perfect home. 

On weekdays. Find out when it is up next>>

A Royal Hangover

The Royal Hangover is a thought provoking documentary written and directed by Arthur Cauty and co-produced by Silver Levy-So, which explores alcoholism in Britain. The film looks at the key complex social issue of alcohol abuse and dependence and examines the reasons behind our increasing thirst for the booze. With some quirky look backs to the sixteenth and seventeenth century with a fab interview with Russell Brand.

On Weekdays. Find out when its up next>>

Bradford City of Dreams

A Two Part series set in Yorkshire city of Bradford,  exploring modern day life comparing and contrasting from how Bradford used to be. Explain how the citizens are attempting to defy there economical conditions.

On 10th and 11th December at 10.30pm


Great British Bike Off

Creating amazing travel adventures in just two weeks has become a bit of an obsession for Graham Hoskins and Tom Woodrow. This time they are on an adventure in their own back yard, trail riding the UK part of the Trans Euro Trail (which is the world’s longest community developed trail), exploring the wonderful countryside, avoiding the tarmac where they can and meeting the most amazing people along the way.

On Weekdays Find out when its up next>>

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