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September, good food and inspiring stories

As we head into September let’s join Together for a new season full of colours, delicious smells and inspiring stories. Ladies and gents, there’s no better way to start the autumn months than with some tasty food! Join the best prestigious chefs and food writers in The Good Cook and Tom's Kerridge's Best Ever Dishes to reveal some beautiful dishes and piping-hot family favourites.  

Then, be inspired by the amazing community based stories led by George Clarke in Restoration Man as well as Britain's Heritage Heroes, and the sweet contemporary struggles of the young parents in I'm having your baby.

Feel inspired? There is so much you can do. How about growing your own food at your doorstep? You can learn how to grow lettuce in your garden. 

Whether is in your own edible garden or in a wild corner of Britain, make sure you will get a hold of Grow Wild, as they will show you how to collect and seed wildflowers. Learn more here>>


The Good Cook

Do you know how to make a salad nicoise or a coq a vin? Join food writer and cook Simon Hopkinson drawing on his experience to create truly delicious meals.  


On weekdays at 8pm

Tom Kerridge's Best Ever Dishes

This two-part series explores the contemporary life in Bradford. Once one of the richest cities in Britain, it has always been a magnet for economic migrants. In this TV series we meet inspiring men and women who, coming from a British Asian background, are making the most of their multi-national upbringing,

Premieres on Wednesday the 19th at 8pm. 

I'm Having your Baby

What is it like to be a young parent in Britain today? We follow clueless first time dads taking crash course in pregnancy and learning how having a baby changes your life. 

On weekdays at 10.30pm 

Britain's Heritage Heroes

In this beautiful new history format, John Craven and Jules Hudson cross the country shining a light on the extraordinary secret stories behind Britain's disappearing heritage and the people who are working tirelessly to save is. They meet the people who care, the communities battling to save a local landmark or an ancient wood and work alongside craftsmen keeping alive skills from an age long past.  

Premieres on Monday the 10th at 8.45pm.

Restoration Man

George Clarke helps rescue neglected architectural treasures across Britain.

He travels the length and breadth of the UK to help people from all walks of life,transforming some of Britain’s neglected historic buildings into stunning and unique homes.

In each episode George follows the build from the outset and watches the restoration project develop to its full completion. From Essex to West Wales buildings are getting back to their original beautiful states 

On weekdays at 9.30pm.


...and more to come! Come back to see new titles and Premieres.



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