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What is it like to be Black and British today? And why is a look at our British heritage so important to understand contemporary matters?

At Together TV,  to celebrate Black History Month, we lined up an incredible range of documentaries aired for the first time in the UK, which champion unheard voices and poignant stories.

National Caribbean Heritage Museum Museumand were our Digital Guest Editors for the month, curating and sharing for us the best stories from the British Black community.

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Watch now An Outrage - TV Premiere documentary.


Feeling inspired? Museumand have curated a list of must-see films with the help of supporters and some very well known names exploring and celebrating Black Culture on the big screen. Guaranteed to inspire, uplift and stir your emotions, some films will make you laugh, others will make you cry, but all will help you see things in a different way, learn things you never knew and embrace messages more relevant than ever in today’s world. Discover new stories and rewatch old favourites throughout the month and let us know what you think of our selection:



Every week, our Digital Guest Editors Museumand will shared their memories, untold stories of life as British and Black women.

The first day I walked into my classroom as a Further Education Lecturer of Business Studies, I had to pinch myself. Racism was still rife in society in the late 70s and many memories of my school days and growing up in the 50s were still raw. I remember the outrage of my parents at the Government report that said Black children were educationally subnormal... READ MORE>>

White people in local neighbourhoods used to say: "You can tell it’s Sunday because you see more Caribbeans out and about", and they would be dressed in their Sunday Best on their way to Church.  Women with large ornate hats, and men in sharp suits and Brogues, girls sporting colourful ribbons in their hair and boys looking slightly uncomfortable in what Caribbeans called “long trousers” of their tailor-made suits... READ MORE>>

Just seeing a photograph, never mind when I can actually see and get up close to a paraffin heater floods my soul with emotion.  This household item has achieved iconic status in the minds not just of the Windrush Generation but descendants 2 or 3 generations on...READ MORE >>

My cultural cuisine is more than comfort food, it’s my history on a plate. When I sit down to a plate of chicken, rice and peas I think of my ancestors’ village life where chickens roamed in family yards and wandered freely around the village. A scene often described by my parents and others of the Windrush generation but only ever seen by me on school visits to farms...READ MORE>>

Mento is a style of Jamaican folk music recognisable by its acoustic sounds. It became a feature of Caribbean music in the 1920s, but the golden years of this genre, were in the 1940s and 50s. Mento is a fusion of African and European rhythms and musical traditions reflecting many centuries of history...READ MORE >>

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Amazing documentaries to celebrate stories from the Black community, for you to watch right now. Enjoy!





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