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Who said nothing good ever comes from watching telly? Together TV is the channel that helps you channel your inner good, in your life and community. 

And our viewers are our inspiration too! Check out their stories: no matter if you are into cooking, DIY or gardening - you can have fun, learn something new and help your community. What's your story?


Here are stories from viewers who have been inspired by our shows and motivated to do something to change their life for the better!


Leslie from Glasgow

has been inspired by The Great British Garden Revival and The Edible Garden. Getting started with her own garden makes her feel good despite her health issues. She shared the lovely video above, showing all different kind of plants she is looking after. "I don't really know what they are when I plant them - it's such a lovely surprise. It's also about community and about connection: I share so many things with people around me now, like sunflowers and peppers". So inspiring, Leslie!


Hema from Leicester

and family changed their lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly after being inspired by Trashed with Jeremy Irons. They now buy local produce such as honey, vegetables and fruits. She’s teaching her children to reduce plastic consumption by avoiding plastic packages and carrying a reusable bag to school.

For more information on how you can Be Part of the Climate Solution, click here >> 

Ally from London

was shocked by watching Last Chance to See, especially the stunning first episode about blue whales and went to spend a month volunteering at a whale monitoring research project in Wales. While volunteering there, Ally helped to track whales on land and from boats, helped with research, wrote publicity, to help promote the organisation and slept in a caravan. She contributed to the education centre and eventually left her job to volunteer with animals in different countries.


Lisa from Hampshire

looked after two baby hedgehogs after being inspired by British Wild Gardens to contact the local hedgehog rescue centre. She looked after two baby hedgehogs for a week and then released them into the garden with a plan to do the same thing next Spring too.

Find out how you can be involved like Lisa with Grow Wild>>

Lynne from Preston 

created a tub and pot garden at their caravan after watching Great British Garden Revival and All Gardens Great and Small. Lynne beat breast cancer but is still dealing with other health issues that hinder her physical ability. Designing and maintaining their garden with her husband after watching Together TV’s gardening shows has been beneficial in many ways for Lynne. “I’m happier, more positive about the future, and the physical activity is wonderful for me.” Currently she is growing flowers, herbs and vegetables!

Image provided by Lynne. 

Dawn from Redditch

donated 8 inches of her hair to the Little Princess Trust to be made into a wig after being inspired by The Hospice. She didn’t realise how many people were affected by cancer until she watched the programme, and she wanted to try to do “her bit” to help by donating her hair. 

Eve and her husband from Carmarthen 

open their garden twice a year for visitors to raise money for MacMillan nurses after being inspired by watching gardening programmes such as Great British Garden Revival and All Gardens Great and Small. She picks out what to plant while her husband digs the holes. The garden attracts wildlife, has blueberries, and they hope it inspires others. Eve says it keeps them fit and is good for their souls while keeping their brain active. She also paints flowers and says she treats her garden like a canvas. 

Mike from Blackpool 

built up the confidence to cook a steak dinner for his 29th wedding anniversary after watching The Good Cook. He learned from watching and was inspired to go to town, set a proper table and cook a nice dinner for his wife who was “stunned!”

Get involved with your local community with Food Cycle and #dogoodwithfood >>


Jim and his family from Tonbridge

do a weekly litter collection on their street after being inspired by what they saw on Trashed. "It might not be much but we are trying to keep our little corner of the world tidy." 

Lynette from Hull

escaped from the city and revisited her childhood memories with her family by traveling to the countryside for fresh air after seeing the beautiful and familiar landscapes on The Yorkshire Dales and The Lakes. 

Image provided by Lynette.

Janice from Liverpool

started a local social media group after watching Bloody Past of a Tiny Town so people can share stories and pictures of a past Liverpool. It has really grown, and they even found out fascinating local information like how the shop on the corner about to be demolished used to be the social hub of the street.

Felicity from Banwell

visited her local hospice and joined some of the groups after watching what happens in The Hospice. She said the programme helped break down perceptions of what happens in a hospice and what it is really like. “I think I was scared before but now would like to work or volunteer there in the future.”

Tracey from Aberdeen

used to be a "pretty useless cook" but after watching our cooking programmes, she has impressed her new partner, a head chef, who said her cooking was amazing. 

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