Winner's Circle

There is no ‘I’ in team, and for most sports people only together they seal the win.

Winner's Circle offers an intimate and honest look into the lives of successful sportsmen and women and musicians, hearing from them first-hand about how their rose from humble beginnings to the top of their professions. We hear stories about those who supported them on their way, the strong communities and people that nurtured and inspired them, and how they now give back to those near them.  Hosted by Duane Jones, these inspiring stories come alive on the box. Together brings to you stories that never get told.

With top-flight footballers, rugby players, athletes and musicians, our guests include Leon Best, Colin Kazim Richards, Matt Garvis, Theo Walcot, Andre Santos, Rio Ferdinand , Michael Antonio, Reda Johnson, Darren Bent, Steven Pillar, Tommy Smith, Ceaser Aspalqaueta, Chris Maulling, Yusuf  Malungu, Danny Iing, Ashley Young, Jason Roberts, Solomon Kallu,Stephen Taylor, Curtis Davies, Bradley Johnson, Tommy Serle, Darren Campbell, Rudy Justine, Cristine Ohurugu, Example, Lethal Bizzle, Maverick Saber, Colin Kazim, Keri Hilson, Dean Morgan, Bayo Akemfemwa, David Hunt and Ebawo. 


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