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Did you know? 1 in 4 black men face prostate cancer at some point in their lives.

In 'Two Wheels One Love', Danny John Jules goes back to his fatherland Dominica and speaks to men about prostate cancer and their risk. 

Together we can be #StrongerKnowingMore

Did you know?

Black men are more likely to get prostate cancer than other men in the UK, who have a 1 in 8 chance of getting prostate cancer.

If you’re black, you may also be more likely to get prostate cancer if you’re aged 45 or over – and your risk increases as you get older.



There are three simple things you can do now:

1. Speak to your GP about your risk of prostate cancer.

2. Visit the campaign page on

3. Speak to one of the Prostate Cancer UK specialist nurses on 0800.074.8383

4. Make other people aware! Talk to friends and family and use #strongerknowingmore on social

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