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Check out our new set of programmes for May highlighting historic, inspirational, and of course very moving unheard stories from World War 2. As the VE day celebration is approaching, we have created a VE Day Special >> for you to enjoy. 

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VE Day in Colour 

With its exclusive colour footage, this documentary tells the stories of those who experienced the end of the war in all its many forms. It features a wide range of interviews from children who remember the street parties, to the servicemen who remember not having to buy a single drink that day, then the POWs for whom a hot bath was all they wanted after years of captivity. 

 Premieres on 8th at 9.30pm 

The Battle of Britain 

By the end of June 1940, Britain stood alone in the war against Nazi Germany. A battle for national survival was fought in the skies over Britain in full view of the population. Not only did Britain’s fate depend on the outcome of the battle but also the freedom of the rest of Europe and. The Battle of Britain stands as one of the pivotal moments in Britain’s long history.

VE Day - Premieres on 8th at 2.30pm and 7.15pm

Spitfire Voices 

The instantly recognisable Supermarine Spitfire is one of the most famous fighter aircraft used in the Battle of Britain in 1940. Had they not been there, the outcome of the Battle of Britain could have turned out very differently. While Spitfires couldn’t fly at night and there was a lack of communication, what the Spitfire couldn’t do was dramatically outweighed by what it could! There was a magic about this magnificent plane.

VE Day - Premieres on 8th at 1pm and 5.45pm

WW1: The First Great Escape

Holzminden was an impossible camp to escape from. This is the story of the incredible escape of 29 British Officers in July 1918 having spent 10 months constructing the tunnel right under the noses of their German guards.

Premieres on 10th at 9pm 


WWII, as it has never been told, takes us side-by-side with the soldiers to discover the truth that has remained hidden for over half a century. Amazing library footage restored in high definition, never before heard eyewitness accounts, documents that have remained secret until now, photographs recently found and shown for the first time and more.

 Premieres on 12th. Everyday at 9pm 

Escaping the Blitz

Oral history narrated by WWII survivors, interviewed by primary school children to capture the memories of those school-aged children who were evacuated from London and had to leave their families behind. On 31st August 1939, three days before war broke out, an evacuation order was given for the next day and what followed was a massive logistical operation to move children to areas of safety.

VE Day - Premieres on 8th at 8.30pm 

Lives Well Lived

Celebrating the incredible wit, wisdom and experiences of seniors aged 75 to 100 years old. These men and women open the vault on their journey into old age through family histories, personal triumph and tragedies, loves and losses. Their stories will make you laugh, cry, but most importantly inspire you to think. 

Premieres on 10th at 10.15pm 

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