Why do you watch TV?

Is it a source of distraction or relief? Or are you looking to learn something new and find inspiration? Either-or, Together TV offers it all!

From this month and throughout summer, we’re bringing you the GameChangers documentaries: 13 unmissable stories of passion, determination and inspiring extraordinary people. Pencil in every Tuesday night (and repeated on Saturday) in June, July and August. You can read more about our June GameChangers documentaries below.

In other news, a huge thank you to everyone who registered for the Sunflower Challenge - we can’t wait to see the progress pictures as the seeds grow into towering sunflowers. Check out some of the most lovely pictures we have received so far in our Sunflower Growers Gallery.

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We distributed an incredible 50,000 sunflower seeds’ kits, for a total of 400,000 seeds across the UK! If you didn’t register in time for a free sunflower seed kit, you can still register for the 12-week journey inclusive of prize giveaways and exclusive content from TV gardener Danny Clarke.

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GameChangers: The Fade

The Fade is a great documentary that explores the lives of four barbers across the world, following their routines and adventures in the UK, America, Ghana and Jamaica, unravelling what the profession means to them. Surprisingly their work offers a revealing insight into important cultural factors and traditions. It’s a story of entrepreneurship, but also of brotherhood and masculinity.

Watch it Sat 12th June at 10 pm

GameChangers: The Great Green Wall

A music-driven journey of hope, hardship, and perseverance across Africa's ambitious Great Green Wall, the 8,000km belt of green providing food, jobs and a future for millions. Follow renowned Malian singer Inna Modja as she ventures along the African project of social action and hope, to record a once in a life-time album that captures the spirit of the wall.

Watch it Tues 15th June at 10 pm

GameChangers: Anne Frank: Tale of Two Sisters

Over 70 years after Anne Frank's death, Eva Schloss, Anne's step-sister and Auschwitz survivor, recounts their story and the story of Anne's Diary. A documentary worth watching just after what would have been Anne’s 92nd birthday.

Watch it Tues 22nd June at 10 pm

GameChangers: TransMilitary

There are over 15,000 transgender people serving in the U.S. military. They must conceal their gender identity because military policies ban their service. This film tells the story of four individuals who fight to defend the freedom of their country whilst fighting for their own.

Watch it Tues 29th June at 10 pm

Our Stand Out Sunflower Sower

Emily H has been actively sharing her family's sunflower growing progress in our Facebook Group. We love seeing everyone's seeds germinate and sprout. Keep them coming!

Missed one of your favourite shows?

We understand that sometimes it's hard to catch our newest documentaries and shows like Sky Blazer: Nancy Corrigan when we air them on our channel. Luckily, we've added our most popular shows to My5 so you can catch up online at any time! Our Big MS Adventure and The Dales will be available from 10th June.

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