How have you enjoyed the GameChangers so far? Stories of passion, determination and resilience to help you find the inspiration you look for. This month our GameChangers include mathematician Katherine Johnson and the late Bobby Kennedy, more info below.

But hang on...there's more! Monty Don is back with a Secret History of the British Gardens, Alan Titchmarsh is showing us around Britain’s Best Back Gardens. So if you - like us - have booked yourself a staycation this summer, choose Together TV to spend it with.


The Secret History of the British Garden

Monty Don is back in a series where he uncovers the history of the famous English garden starting from the 17th century. From hidden religious meanings to subliminal messaging. There’s always more than what meets the eye.

Starts 27th July at 3pm

Britain's Best Back Garden

Alan Titchmarsh takes us on an adventure through Britain’s Best Back Gardens. Take a peek into 30 stunning gardens. The perfect show to pick up some tips for your own garden makeover!

Back on the 22nd July at 7pm

GameChangers: Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson, an African American mathematician, is in every way a real-life outlier. She is responsible for opening up the possibility of space travel, but also a future in science for people of any race and gender. This is her story.

Watch it Tues 13th July at 10pm

GameChangers: RFK America's Lost President

This documentary explores what might have been if the beloved Robert F. Kennedy wasn’t assassinated during his campaign for the presidency in 1968. A cold warrior that later advocated peace, this film is a must-see for all.

Watch it Tues 20th July at 10pm

GameChangers: She Did That

Be inspired by the empowering black women who have successfully run their own booming businesses. A minority in the industry, these women are determined and see results. This is an intimate peek into the lives of four pioneering GameChangers that continue to raise the glass ceiling for millions.

Watch it Tues 27th July at 10pm

Our sunflower gallery is...growing!

Wen Dee has been actively sharing her family's sunflower growing progress in our Facebook Group. We love seeing everyone's seeds germinate and sprout. Thank you to all the sunflower growers for submitting their photos so far. We keep uploading new snaps to our website on a daily basis. We love seeing the progress from seed to sprout and beyond! Which photo is your favourite in our gallery?

Please keep sending us your sunflower progress!