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Show Me Your Garden

Alan Tichmarsh travels across Britain exploring the Inspiration and innovation behind everyday back gardens. Full of tips and tricks of the gardening trade, this programme is sure to inspire any backyard enthusiast.

WATCH IT on the 20th January from 2pm

Harrow: A Very British School

Join a group of young students as they tackle the challenges of attending one of Britains most prestigious boarding schools.

WATCH IT on the 23rd January from 8pm

Ashley Banjo's Big Town Dance

Get inspired with Ashley Banjo as he attempts to re-unite a community through dance. Can these everyday brits learn the right steps in only two weeks?

WATCH IT on the 28th January from 9pm


OAP Internet Virgins

Follow this group of YouTubers as they take on the daunting task of teaching retirees the ins and outs of the internet. Learn how technology can bring us together and close the gap between generations.

WATCH IT on the 5th Febuary from 8pm

Britains Homeless Mums 

Learn about these homeless mums in Britain as they attempt to come together in support of their shared struggle of life on the streets. Get inspired in the face of adversity as these strong willed mothers try and make the streets a little bit warmer.

WATCH IT on Saturday 25th January from 10.15pm


Britains Worst Road Disaster

 Witness the disaster that shook a whole community in 1975 when thirty two women perished while on a bus tour in Yorkshire. Listen to the true storires of those affected by the disaster.

WATCH IT on Sunday 26th January from 10.15pm



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