Let's make it a great 2019, Together

New Year, new You: how many times have you heard this in the last few weeks? Whatever version of yourself you want to be in 2019, just find your way to be happy.

As a TV channel, we are here to inspire you to do good in your life, and in your own community. There are nearly endless opportunities that can make you happy out there, and we want you to discover them with us. Be inspired and get involved>> 

Now choose your own way, and let's get on the road.  
Let’s make it a great 2019, Together.




Family Finders

Families can be driven apart for all manner of reasons. When you do lose touch with your loved ones, finding them can take a lifetime, especially when they could be anywhere, at home or abroad. And that's where the Family Finders come in. 
Follow the detective work and the moving stories that help families get back together again.   

Every week day at 5pm.


British Workers Wanted

A recruitment agency with a lack of reliable workers. What would you do to stay in the business?
This documentary follows two glamourous Leave-voting women who are trying to attract Brits to join their recruitment agency as many of their Eastern European workers choose to leave Brexit Britain.

On Sunday the 13th at 9pm.


Feral Families

This documentary meets three families who are raising their children under the off-grid parenting philosophy. Does a lack of rules make the children healthier and happier, or lead to behaviour issues? 

On Saturday the 26th at 9pm



Born To Be Different

A candid portrait of the pressures and joys of bringing up a disabled child, Born to Be Different reveals the bittersweet challenges faced by six families as they raise their children. 

Series Marathon starting on Saturday the 19th at 11am