Make Music Day 2019 

For all music lovers out there, look forward to 21st June 2019 as UK celebrates Make Music Day! It is the world's largest annual music festival with events occuring in more than 800 cities across 120 countries. It is a day where an annual set of FREE music events take place in venue and public space on the longest day of 2019! Make Music Day is a grassroots celebration of music that's performed by anyone and enjoyed by everyone! There is something for everyone to participate in this great day to celebrate Music! 

Looking for Music Sensations

A fan of music and feeling the urge to spread the love music on Make Music Day 2019? Have a band or have the charisma to steal the spotlight on your own? 

Make Music Day 2019 is looking for aspiring bands, singers, DJs or choirs who are looking for a platform to perform and showcase their talents. This is open to anyone regardless of age, ability or style of music... basically all they need is for you to be able to perform live music!  


Regardless of where you wish to perform or just have a good time listening to good music, Make Music Day UK has something for everyone. Click the link below to check how you can sign up and also see what activities are happening near you on their interactive map!








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