Photo of Magnolias and a speech bubble with the text "More April Shows and Less April Showers" (Photo by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay)

Fresh starts this Spring

April is always an exciting month with spring in full bloom. A month of new beginnings. Here at Together TV we’ve got some exciting plans in the works, but before we can unveil them we’ll share our newest programmes.

Get lost in The Dales from early April and pick up some tips from Danny Clarke on The Instant Gardener. To mark the MS awareness week, we are premiering Our Big MS Adventure on 19th April. Multiple Sclerosis is three times more common in women than men but there have been some incredible medical breakthroughs. Keeping your brain healthy has never been more important for us all.

Until the world properly opens up, you can always count on us. If you’re stuck at home, you are not alone. Text Together to 80800 for free if you need help or a friendly chat with our team. We are in this together.

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The Dales

A still from the series 'The Dales' of Adrian Edmondson (a bald man in his forties with black rectangular glasses and a black fleece coat on)facing the camera with a backdrop of the Yorkshire dales; green hills rolling for miles and a blue sky with some clouds. IN the bottom right corner is an orange speech bubble with the text "The Dales; starts 1 pm April 7th)

A stunning series showcasing life in the Yorkshire Dales in summertime. Yorkshire man Adrian Edmondson, known for Bottom and the Young Ones, meets the people who live and work on the Dales and what beauty and challenges they encounter.

Starts Wednesday 7th April, Weekdays at 1 pm & 9pm

Our Big MS Adventure

A picture of wheelchair bound Al, who is facing to the right and Elizabeth is next to him smiling with short curly brown hair. They are in a ferry waiting lounge with salmon walls and brown sofas. There is an orange text box in the bottom left corner reading "Our Big MS Adventure; Catch it 19th April at 10.30 pm")

Directed by BAFTA award-winning Tony Dow, this documentary following the journeys of four people with Multiple Sclerosis is uplifting and endearing. Shot over 12 years, you see how MS transforms the lives of Al, Sophie, Maria and Elizabeth. Whilst Al travels to the beautiful Iona to fulfil his lifelong dream, Sophie, Maria and Elizabeth enter into drug trials that can potentially save millions. MS is three times more common in women than men, but everyone has their own journey.

Catch it Mon 19th April at 10.30 pm

The Instant Gardener

A photo from the Instant Gardener. Danny Clarke (who is looking a the camera wearing a khaki coat and has black hair and a grey and black beard) is bent over a back of gardening supplies in a garden that is full of gardening tools and is in the middle of being renovated. On his right in the background is a lady with long black hair wearing a fuchsia coat, Demin trousers and floral wellies walking towards him holding a bag of gardening supplies. In the bottom left corner is a speech bubble reading "The Instant Gardener: starting 23rd April at 1 pm"

The friendly Danny Clarke transforms unloved gardens with his stunning garden designs in just ONE day. The Instant Gardener is filled with tips that you can apply at home too.

Weekdays from Fri 23rd April at 1 pm & 9 pm